Over the last twenty years I have taught all grade levels from Pre K to Grade 5. I particularly enjoy working in Early Childhood education. I worked as ECE teacher and coordinator at International Schools in Europe, Middle East and Asia. My practice is inspired by the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy; I believe in the teacher as researcher, embracing curiosity and uncertainty to push forward beyond the comfort zone; I believe in the child as competent communicator and constructor of theories; I believe in involving children, as primary stake-holders and instigators, in decisions about their learning. I document children’s learning in order to make their thinking visible for themselves and for others and welcome parents as partners in their children’s learning journeys. Over the last several years I have been exploring ways of using technology to support children’s “hundred languages” of expression.

Click here for a link to my class blog documenting the class learning journey of a class of five and six year old students in a Reggio inspired PYP classroom at an international school in Japan.