About Me

I am a Reggio-inspired Elementary School and Early Childhood teacher and PYP workshop leader and school visitor, currently working in Moscow. I believe in an inquiry based, constructivist approach to education, where students engage in practical projects with a meaningful purpose and an authentic audience. I believe in the power of outdoor education to provide opportunities for children to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to discover the creativity and resourcefulness that is within them. I’m exploring ways of using digital technology to support teaching and learning across the curriculum and to flatten the walls of our classroom so we can reach out to the global learning community. I work closely with parents as I accompany my students on their personal learning journeys, discovering and learning with them and from them, celebrating each precious moment.

As a child I dreamed of adventuring in far away lands, and I knew I would one day wander the world, learning from its people as I went. And so here I am, many years and journeys on. My travels have taken me round the world, from Berlin to Cairo, from Vietnam to Azerbaijan, from Tokyo to Moscow and many places in between.